Traditionally, a special stone, a birthstone, has been selected to celebrate each month of the calendar year.  Please click on the months below to view information on each of the months' birthstones.  The birthstones described here are for the stones most commonly accepted in the United States as the birthstone of the month.

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August Birthstone
August Birthstone

P E R I D O T |::| Mohs' Hardness 6.5 - 7

A likely reason peridot has never achieved wide popularity may be due to the fact that most consumers have never seen a fine peridot.  The typical peridot jewelry piece normally is constructed with a pale, somewhat washed out, inexpensive example of this green stone.

Fine peridot is a vivid, dark apple green color, and when cut to proper proportions is full of life and brilliance.  Peridot is somewhat soft, and care should be taken in its everyday wearing.  Large stones are rare, and price goes up quickly for nicer stones over five or six carats in weight.

Peridot is mined in several locations, and it is typically found in areas of prior volcanic activity.  The most recent large find is in China, and quantities of gem grade material are found in Arizona.

It is correct to pronounce peridot as peri-dough, as well as perri-dot, and it may also be correctly referred to as olivine.