Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GIA identifies carat-plus CVD synthetic diamond May 10, 2010

National Jeweler Magazine's most recent online issue reports another case of BUYER BEWARE!!!!   The Gemological Institute of America's laboratory has identified a near-colorless, chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-grown diamond that weighs more than a carat. The 1.05-carat, pear-shaped stone was submitted to the lab for grading and was color graded as equivalent to a "G." In addition to pinpoint inclusions, the stone contained some feathers and fractures along the girdle and its clarity grade was equivalent to "I1."

While carat-plus laboratory-grown colored diamonds have been available for some time, companies, such as Boston-based Apollo Diamond, have not appeared to have had the same size success with developing larger sizes of colorless and near-colorless diamonds, at least until now. The newsletter item does not disclose the origin of this particular CVD-grown diamond.

The full article is available for viewing on this link.