Traditionally, a special stone, a birthstone, has been selected to celebrate each month of the calendar year.  Please click on the months below to view information on each of the months' birthstones.  The birthstones described here are for the stones most commonly accepted in the United States as the birthstone of the month.

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July Birthstone
July Birthstone

R U B Y |::| Mohs' Hardness 9

The term 'Burma Ruby' has been used for years to describe the finest grades of ruby, the common name for red corundum.  The Burma term came into use when most all of the world's finest rubies were mined in Burma (now Myanmar).  Fine rubies are also mined in Thailand and East Africa.  Thai stones typically are somewhat more purple in color, and the African gems are somewhat more brownish than Burma rubies.  It should be noted, however, a top gem grade stone can come from any geographic location.

Rubies are second in hardness to diamonds, and as such they are extremely durable in everyday wear.  Large, fine stones are rare, and synthetic varieties have been manufactured since the late 1800's.  This red gem is one of the most expensive colored stones, and price escalates quickly with size.   Rubies are often mounted with diamonds to enhance their red color, but a fine ruby has enough of a visual impact to make it an excellent stand alone stone.