Traditionally, a special stone, a birthstone, has been selected to celebrate each month of the calendar year.  Please click on the months below to view information on each of the months' birthstones.  The birthstones described here are for the stones most commonly accepted in the United States as the birthstone of the month.

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March Birthstone
March Birthstone

A Q U A M A R I N E |::| Mohs' Hardness 7.5 - 8

Aquamarine is so named because of its resemblance to the color of sea water.  In its natural crystal form it has a pale to deep blue coloring, often with a slight greenish tint.  Lighter colored stones typically are heated to remove the green component of their color.  Recently, the desirability of natural greenish-blue colored stones has increased.  Aquamarine is found in large crystals and is one of the few gems that does not seem to increase in per carat price as size goes up.  Smaller, three-to-five carat stones of fine color can bring premium prices.  Aqua, as it is often called, is a talisman for sailors, and was carried aboard most early sailing vessels voyaging into uncharted waters.  A member of the beryl group of stones, aqua can easily be confused with blue topaz, a less expensive stone.

Aqua is found worldwide, with North American deposits in Colorado and California, as well as several other states.