Traditionally, a special stone, a birthstone, has been selected to celebrate each month of the calendar year.  Please click on the months below to view information on each of the months' birthstones.  The birthstones described here are for the stones most commonly accepted in the United States as the birthstone of the month.

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September Birthstone
September Birthstone

S A P P H I R E |::| Mohs' Hardness 9

Blue is the color most consumers associate with the sapphire branch of the corundum gem family.  However, sapphires can be found in all colors of the spectrum, with the exception of red (red corundum is called ruby).

This hard, durable gem has been used by artisans in jewelry construction since the earliest days of gemstone adornment.  In its blue form, sapphires' hue can range from an ice colored, pale blue-gray, to an extremely dark blue-black.  The shade of blue most valued is called 'corn-flower blue', a soft yet intense, pure blue.  Other desired colors are yellow, purple, and pink.  Vivid colors are more desired than pastel shades.  A rare color of orange-pink mix, is called Padparadschah.

Deposits are throughout Asia and Africa, with a find of high quality gems in Montana.  Natural six-rayed star stones, cut in cabochon, are often used in mens' jewelry.  Synthetic sapphires have been produced since the late 1800's.